It’s Quiet

Just a little something I wrote in class the other day :

It’s Quiet

It’s Quiet

Stop Think Breathe.


Let everything just freeze in time

No movement, no sound

Let there be nothing.

It’s Quiet.

Stop Think Breathe.


It’s Quiet, but also very loud.

A thousand voices screaming, roaring in your mind.

Moms, Dads, Jason’s, grandmas, Grandpas, Mine, Yours

Sentences, Phrases, Words, letters, numbers, memories

All spewing past one another at a million miles a minute.

Still, It’s Quiet

Stop Think Breathe


Close ones eyes and escape.

Escape everything that is bad, that is bothering you

Let your body go except for your lungs,

Whether it is the Cool crisp air of the outdoors or the smog filled city air

Breathe it in.

Let it consume you, fill you, steal you, invigorate you.

Let every particle take you over,

Until whatever bothered you, whatever made you mad is released.

Breathe in, breathe out.


Stop Think Breathe.

It’s Quiet.


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