Religion in Modern Society

            In our society there many different types of religions. There’s Christians, Catholics, Presbyterians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Atheists, Buddhist, Hindus, the list goes son and on. The point is to say that our society  is much more diverse than just the color of our skin. That how we live is so very diverse. So why is it that people believe that their point of view is the right way for others to live. Why must people force their point onto the society so that everything is “the way that it was before”. People who push their religion onto a growing society can both hurt and harm a society. Forcing ones religion can stop progression into a better society. On the other hand  the overall messages  of religions are important to keep a society have proper  morals. However, in a society such as ours, how to keep progressing as  a society and keep the true teachings of religions together without all the other extra baggage? When do we as a society learn that everything has a fine line to it, even our religion?

Recently one of the main arguments that has arisen in our society is if jobs should supply women with birth control or not. Some peoples argument is that they should not because  of the bosses religion.  Certain religions believe that women should not take birth control because that means that they won’t partake in premarital sex. They also believe that it is against procreation. While I respect their opinion, I believe that a boss has no right to force their religion onto their employees. Their employees may have  a different religious belief than them. Why should a person be denied something based off of their BOSSES beliefs. And if the boss denies the employee something as simple as  birth control , what else can they do. Could they fire someone because they have a  different faith than them? Because if that’s what it’s coming to, then that is considered prejudice. No person should ever be attacked based off of their religions. And with a place of such diversity, why should religion even BE  in the work place. Now I am not against showing public display of religion; if you where a cross necklace,  if you have star of David earrings, or if you pray before meals that is perfectly fine. I’m saying that religion should not affect decisions in the work place, because a  work place is a place for WORK.

Another thing that I find hard with Modern Religion is that people are trying to make the smallest points the main idea, and not trying to keep the main ideas of religion in tact. For example Most people ( politicians included) believe that Gay marriage should not be passed because it is in the Bible that one shall not mate with one of their own sex. They believe that it is a sin and that it will ruin the sanctity of marriage. Well I hate to break it to these people, but times have changed. They idea of marriage has changed a lot over  the span of time. And while marriage in the 1950’s was seen as a contract to stay together no matter what; today standards are played by different rules.  We see people get married in quickie Vegas , on to for money, people who elope. Plus anyone can get married, and it doesn’t have to be in a church : Wickens and Atheists get married all the time in court houses . So why should it matter it two men or two women do the same thing, all they are doing is professing their love  for one another. So how does that destroy the sanctity of marriage but being married in Vegas doesn’t ? What ever happened to loving thy neighbor, to be kind to others ? Those are the teachings that religious people should be focusing on, not stopping people from loving one another.

Religion is supposed to be based on the idea of acceptance and loving one another. Then doesn’t that also mean changing to make what once was current to todays society. I am not saying that we should throw out everything in the Torah or the Bible. I am saying that we as a society need to take the important aspects of religion and teach them to our society. We don’t need any of the extra stuff because that is not what’s needed in  our society so that we can learn accept and prosper. Religion is a very powerful thing, however the way we use it as a society will be the determining factor on whether it helps or harms our future.


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