Living YOUR life

There  comes a time in everyone’s life where that person needs to take control of their own life, and go in there own pursuit of happiness . For most people, myself included , it is usually in there teenage years. That is the time where on some terms we as humans are given the ability to figure out what we want to do with our lives. We get responsibilities such as jobs and drivers license. These responsibilities and freedoms allow us as people to find our interests and our true passions in life. As time goes on we are given the opportunity to make our own decisions. We are told to “chose wisely” and to act off of reason not heart. And on certain occasions, that is right. It’s important to realize that you will not always get what you want, and that things will not always go your way. But in certain situations a person needs to follow their heart because sometimes that will lead to a better version of themselves. So I pose the question, is it better to live off of logistics or to follow what makes you happy ?

Over the past year I have had to come to grips with a major decision in my life. I have always been very into musical theater, and have been doing shows since I was in the first grade.I love being on the stage and performing in front of others.The high I get from performing is something that I can only describe as being magical.My dream has always been to perform on Broadway.However I know that this is something that may never happen for me. I know this because although I am very talented, I have a physical disability that will hold me back in many ways when it comes to auditioning for parts. My back story is that I had a stroke at birth that affected the whole right side of my body physically. And although I have had two surgeries that have helped immensely there are still many limitations physically that won’t help me during auditions. So when I had to figure out what my intended major would be for college, it killed me to not put musical theater. Although vocally and acting wise I have the talent, the dance audition would have stopped me from getting into the program of my dreams.My singing teacher has had many conversations with me that I needed to find a program that suited me. My mom said that I needed to be more practical, and think of a alternative major.

So in a crossroads I decided to take the educational route and go for a double certification in English and theater education at the high school level. That was a challenge because not many schools have theater education  or allow a student to be dual certified. This killed me because that meant that I may have to give up performing forever. I did not want to give up one of the only things that made truly happy in my life. Even though I would not be performing as a teacher, I accepted that at least I would be able to help others build to their dreams some day. As I looked from school to school, my dreams of keeping theater in my life became more and more dim. I was willing to give up till I found the school that I will be attending this fall. A school that allows a dual certification, and has a masters in teaching program. So I could strictly double major in English and theater, then masters in education. That way I could still have my theater experience. Even better was when I found out my schools connections, and that I would be able to possibly get some Broadway experience.

For those of you that are reading this, I hope you realize that this story is more than just me discussing why I chose my college. It is about how one can still attain their dreams and follow their heart while being logical.I have been through a lot over the past 18 years, and theater has always been that one thing to lift me up. So it excites me that I get a chance at possibly following my dreams. I think that this story shows that one should not let an obstacle define you. That one should find a way to get around that obstacle to achieve whatever  they want… Don’t let limits or logistics define you. Let you and your beliefs define you.



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