Being Socially Active

             To be socially active in Society means a lot more than just saying “I support gay marriage “. Being socially active means that you as a person are willing to do anything within reason to make sure your cause is addressed in this society. You learn everything you can on this subject because you want to make sure you have the facts that support your subject. To get your ideas out into society, you use your knowledge in public outings. Whether it be attending rallies, or writing letters to your congressman; to be socially active one must be able to get their point of view out in a positive way. However in the social media advances of today, people can be socially active by using the internet. You can use social sites such as Facebook or Twitter, create videos on the topic, or create blogs such as this one. By using this technology you get your point of view to be seen by hundreds of millions of people. Finally in order socially active one must be passionate about what you are supporting. You have to be able to give up time towards this topic. You have to have the drive to fight for your issue no matter how hard it may seem at the time. This is what I believe a person needs have all of these requirements to be socially active.

                This class has done a lot to help me make a difference in this world. First of all it made me write about serious topics in today’s society. Where some people believe that teenagers do not have a voice or an opinion; this class has allowed me to voice my opinion on issues that everyone talks about. I enjoy that I can voice my opinion on the internet. This class has also helped me by getting me more involved with the many uses of social media. Until this class I believed social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube were only used for teenager’s entertainment and to make connections with people around the world. Now because of this class I have learned just big social media sites impact our society. These sites are now central hubs for social activist. Going down my twitter feed I can see posts from the New York Times and the Huffington Posts on topics ranging from the current economic situation to the latest fashion trends. This use of social media has helped me create topics on my blog (which was also created due to the class). The use of my blog has helped me express my opinion on topics such as gay marriage and privacy on the internet. And even though tons of people won’t see what I write, for those that do will see that I am a person who wants to see the world change for the better.

             Although the school is coming to end, I still plan on using my blog as a place for me to get my opinions on topics in today’s society. I plan on writing more on the hot topic of Gay Marriage and equality. I believe that this is a very hot topic in our society that is made a big deal because people refuse to change. I also plan on writing about other topics that I believe need to be addressed such as the use of common core standards in the American school systems. Finally I would like to address my life as an actor with a physical disability. I have not addressed it on my blog prior but I think it is a very interesting topic to discuss in our society.

                So as time goes on, there will always be topics that will get people fired up. Change is always inevitable in our society. Change is every: in our lives, our governments, even the music we choose. And with change comes there will always be the social activists that initiate the discussion. And as our society advances, social activists will find new ways to get their points across. From rallies to Facebook, social activists are tireless to see change in our society. Over the past year I have been able to use the internet to get my point of view , and will continue to do so in the future as I start my new journey in college.


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