Educational Experience

         Trying to attain a higher education this day in age has become increasingly tough over the past years. Between schools being stricter on application requirements to the rapidly increasing tuition rates, being accepted into any college or university is an accomplishment. The chance for students to learn and experience new points of view has increased immensely as well. Students have more opportunities to watch guest speakers related to their majors. They have school wide events that deal with real world issues. Institutions are trying to make learning everywhere on campus, not just in the classroom. And what these students are learning is not something they can learn from a textbook; they are learning about different peoples experiences with different issues in the world. However certain people within the world of academia and the government feel that they need to control these opportunities for students. These people believe that they need to control the thoughts that enter the students mind so that they’re the same as theirs. Since when was it a bad idea to be open minded? In a society that is advancing every day, there is no time to go backwards.

           I saw a twitter post from the Huffington Post  about how a Tennessee Lawmaker  was trying to get funding cut for guest speakers, including the schools commencement speaker, from some of its institutions because they were participating in “ Sex Week” , a week dedicated to talking  about LGBT issues.  I’ve written about my point of view on LGBT rights in the past, but for me this article is more about the restriction over the ideas of expressing thoughts. This congressman believes that he has the right to stop students from expanding their minds. By cutting funding for things such as guest speakers, this man can be damaging these students rate of success. I do not believe that someone’s personal bias should harm an individual’s education. Along with this, he is upset over the fact that these students are getting involved in real world issues. Maybe he should be happy that these students should want to do something with the world, instead of them wasting their lives at college. Most importantly, he students most likely paid for this event, so why should they stop it. Students pay a lot to go to college, and to have these opportunities, and they are going to have them whether the government likes it or not. Bottom line: this congressman should not have gotten involved with possibly damaging student’s education just because he does not approve of a certain event that goes on at the institution.

                Another story that was brought to light recently be that faculty from Rutgers University demanded that the school take back the invitation for former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice from speaking at commencement this year. This is another classic case of a person’s personal bias getting in the way of an individual’s education. It is no secret that most college professors are liberal, and Rutgers is no exception. So to think that teachers do not want their students to listen to a person’s story, just because that person was a part of the opposing political party is disturbing. I think students can learn a lot from Ms. Rice because she held such an important position in our national government. Of course the people that want this invitation rescinded are those who think she was a part of the worst presidential team in history. To them I have to words:  Jimmy Carter. Plus let’s not forget when Rutgers paid Snooki 32k to talk about how drunk she used to get on a daily basis.  If I were a student, I’d rather listen to a person of experience, no matter what political side I am on.

                The problem with people in today’s age is that everyone’s biased towards something. People say that we live in a world of acceptance, but if there is something a person does not approve of then people come up with a way to make it seem bad. People need to realize that Religion does not stop a person from expressing themselves, or that people don’t have to agree with what side you’re on. People need to allow things to happen to get the best out life. Allow people to learn and grow from others; that is the only way history doesn’t repeat itself.  





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