Take the Photo?

         It is known fact that every single person in the world has forgotten something at least once in their life. As humans it is a part of our nature. If people remembered every single thing that happened at any point of their day, a persons head would be twice as big. In recent years people have come up with new pieces of technology that allows people to remember events. It is a camera called “Lifelogging” that takes photos of what a person is doing every thirty seconds. Although this device would help a lot of people with remembering things such as events, it has brought up a lot of controversy over the idea of it possibly disrupting an innocent bi-standard of privacy.


            When I first heard of this invention, I thought it was a very neat idea. I mean I am no stranger to forgetting something, so this would be very helpful. I think a machine like this would be very useful for everyone, but especially for the elderly and those who have Alzheimer’s or other illnesses that cause memory loss. People like this might have an easier time remembering different events throughout the day if they have pictures to jog their memory. Now I am not saying that would help them remember everything, but it may help them with simple tasks such as remembering if they ran the dishwasher in the morning or not. By using this machine, people will be able to have a visual checklist of things to do during the day. If someone forgot if they ran to the store in the morning, they could check the camera to see if there is a picture of the store from that day. The whole purpose of this machine is a great idea, and would have a positive impact on society,


            That being said, I do see how this machine can indeed become a major problem for a person. First of all the whole idea of having to carry a camera everywhere you go can be a little awkward. Some people may feel kind of weird seeing a person carrying around a camera in public for no reason. Plus I know that some retail stores dislike people that take photos while in their store, and have asked the person to turn of the camera. So seeing that person is carrying a camera around their neck that takes pictures every thirty seconds might be a little unsettling to store associates. Along with that, I believe that this can create a problem for the user. This person is going to have to go through hundreds of pictures daily to see exactly what they did during the day. Most of these pictures would be useless, but in order to find the useful pictures, one has to search through the hundreds of scrap photos. Trying to go through all those photos might become very time consuming for a person, and the machine would not be worth it then.


              Of course there is also the privacy issue. I believe that this machine does take advantage of a person’s privacy.  I would not want people taking pictures of me every five seconds while I am around town.  I would feel a little violated.  And if someone who does use this often has so many pictures of random people, it can them look a little crazy. I do believe that a person should tell someone if they are using the camera, but they should not tell everyone. If a person had on while in a store, they should not go up to every customer explaining why he has a camera around his neck. However if a person was in a meeting with someone else while they had it one, it would be the respectful thing to tell them that the person is being photographed.


            Over all I do believe that this is a step in the right direction to people with bad memory. However I do believe there could be adjustments.  I think there a recording option, so if a person cannot be reminded visually, then maybe this person can be reminded audibly. Also there should be an option of how long the time should be between each picture and a manual setting so the person could do it themselves. That way the person has some control over what is being photographed.


            It is no secret that people forget things once in a while. However due to recent technological growths, new machines have been created to minimize the flaw of forgetfulness. Machines such as the “Lifelogging” camera may be able to help millions of people when done properly, but there are still many advances to be made. The idea of maintaining a person’s privacy has to come into play when these machines are being reprogrammed. Inventors also have to make this product more convenient for the buyers of this product. By doing this , “Lifelogging” technology will become the biggest technological advances of our age.









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