Love is Love

In the Constitution of the United States, it states that the idea of church and state should be separated in the eyes of the government.  Throughout the years many things have changed in the eyes of the government; but the idea of church and state being separate has always held strong. However in recent years the idea of Church and State has become the sight on controversy with the war on gay rights. Some people believe that Homosexual people should not have the right to marry and receive benefits because they are marrying a person that is of the same sex. Their reasoning: It states in the bible that man should not be with another man. Well for those who believe in that statement it also states that we should not be mixing fabric or be eating pork. I can tell you now I am wearing different fabrics, and I had pork chops last night: does that make me a bad person? I also believe that a person should be able to be with anyone they want, whether it is with some one of the opposite sex or not. Anyways in recent weeks events issues have come up over the idea of how we should treat homosexual people in the business world.

While on Twitter, I saw a tweet from the Huffington post that had a link to an article. The tweet stated that a republican lobbyist proposing to create a law to get homosexual players in the NFL to be banned.  This is just weeks after football player Michael Sam game out as a homosexual.  This law boggles my mind because Sam’s news was very well received from the public eye. This republicans reasoning was that the NFL has no morals and that the government needs to take care of this situation. My question, why does the government need to take care of one of the most successful independent industries in America? Yes I do agree that some players in the NFL have had a rough past, and have done some things that are extremely illegal. However if a man opens up about something as personal as their sexuality, they should not be punished for it; they should not have to lose their jobs because of who they love. And why should the NFL be the only one targeted? Why not the NBA or MLB because I bet you that there are homosexual players in those leagues that has not come out. By suppressing these people and telling them that they cannot do a job that they are good at because of whom their interested is discrimination. And being a country that is supposed to be based off of equal opportunity, this is extremely hypocritical. Why doesn’t this lobbyist care more about the problems in Washington and let the NFL worry about them  

However this Lobbyist is not the only person in the government making waves to make homosexuals feel even more like an outsider. Over the past week the state of Arizona has come under mass media scrutiny over its attempt to pass a law that would allow store owners not to serve people because they are homosexual. This all started  when a very religious Christian couple refused to do a wedding cake for a gay couples  wedding, standing on the grounds that it would be against their Christian beliefs to do so. After that couple filed suit, and lost, the Arizona state government thought that they should create a law that would allow people to deny service to their business if it opposes their beliefs. This is where the idea of the separation of church and state comes into play. With living in a society that is so diverse, there are going to be many different beliefs within a community. This is especially true when it comes to religion because our country is full of different religions from Buddhism and Hinduism, to Christianity and Judaism. Although there are some common threads between all religions, all of them are going to have different beliefs. So if stores were going to be biased and discriminatory based off of their beliefs and religion, then their store would go out of business because no one has the right to feel that way. In economic times such as these, people should not be picky about their clientele. They should be happy that they have business that is in need of their service. So what if that person does not have the same beliefs as the store owner, it’s called service with a smile.  

Every single person in the United States of America has the right to do anything they want within reason. It should not depend on the person sexual preference on whether they should be served by a business, or be able to work in a workplace. As a society the United States has a problem with change, and the idea to accept people for who they are. The United States of America has over three hundred million citizens; we are one of the most diverse nations in the world. There tons of different religions practiced here, all of them having different beliefs and morals.  Yet as far as we have come to accept people of different ethnicities and races, we cannot accept people who just happen to love people of the same sex. We make these people feel like the have to hide who they truly are instead of being free because the bible said it’s a bad thing to do.  There is a reason the founding fathers put a separation of church and state in the Constitution; it was because the Anglicans and Catholics had different beliefs that would destroy the country if religion became involved. So why when our current society has so many religions involved should we propose laws that would negatively impact people who one religion finds vulgar?


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