Fight for Privacy



Every day billions of people enter a world that can connect New Jersey to California in about two milliseconds. Every day people go online to Tweet, check email, go on Facebook, and post pictures on Instagram. Most importantly, people go on and check what other people are doing online. And with the internet expanding into greater depths every day, more and more people can view someone else’s website without actually knowing them. Yes there are privacy settings that can stop people from viewing certain profiles, but how far does that actually help a person. Americans have been finding out every day that the internet is becoming less and less private, even though websites are creating higher protection for its users. It has been a long time since Americans first fought for its independence in 1776, yet today Americans are fighting for a new right: the right for privacy on the World Wide Web.

       Over the past couple of months, reports have come out that the NSA have been invading people’s privacy by tapping into people’s home and cellular phones, looking into people’s past web history, and looking into people’s private social media sites. Now although I am just one of over three hundred million people in the United States, I still feel as though I was used, and hurt in a sense. I feel as though the government should have had no reason to look at anything that I have done online. I feel like I cannot trust my own government because they cannot trust me. We as Americans have a right to have some form of private life, and that we should fight for it. The internet should not be any different. If the police came to my house to search for something without a warrant, should I still let them in? No because that would be illegal. So how is it any different when the government comes snooping around my Facebook page (which is on a private setting)? It is not, the government is abusing its power in a sense by doing this. So as Americans should we not fight for our privacy, because honestly I do not think that the government needs to know that I have absolutely no life. One’s Social media site should be for those people that follow them only, not for the government.

Another reason that social media should be private is because you honestly do not know who is locking. In recent years cyber stalking and cyber bulling have become growing epidemics in American society. Millions of people are nervous that someone that is not their friends is looking what they have on line. Anything that a person posts can lead to an incident. Websites that contain locators on post can be very dangerous for many of their users   Even with the privacy settings we have now, with one click someone’s status can be blasted all over a social media site.  Suddenly, that status about your friend eating a five pound hamburger that was meant for your three hundred sixty five followers, can now be seen by over three hundred thousand people with just ONE right click. And although social media sites do have privacy settings, is that enough? A predator cans still all look at every single one of your posts from the past three years, and learn your daily pattern. American citizens need to enforce and encourage companies to make privacy settings a lot harder to break through. Americans need to realize that stronger privacy settings need to be implanted because they are putting their customers in danger if they do not.              

                People need to realize that no one is safe on the internet. Anyone on any day can start looking at your webpage to see what is up in the life that is you. American need to realize that the only way that their internet devices are completely safe and private, is if they fight for it. People need to speak out about the dangers of the internet, and how people need to be aware of their different options in internet safety. Remember, you never know who or what is looking at that tweet of yours on Twitter. Thus I pose the question, how private are you?


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