Words That Should be Banned

               Every year a group of “esteemed intellectual” (or lack thereof) comes up with a set of words that are less than intellectual. Even worse is that these words can stick with us for MANY years. So here is a list of words that should be banned from the dictionary, and life, immediately

  • Ratchet- Officially a Ratchet is a building tool. But that is not the term I am thinking  of, no, I  am talking about the term that describes a person in being messy, or not put together . I really just think that this word is used because Americans are lazy and do not feel like saying that a person is “not put together”. In all seriousness, a person is not a wrench, they are a living organism. If a person looks like they got hit by a bus tell them they look like they got hit by a bus or smile and do not say anything. It is that simple.
  • Ghetto- I think this word is highly offense. The term ghetto has a very historical and haunting meaning to those who survived or viewed the holocaust. The fact that people call things that is bad as “ghetto”. Someone’s 1980 car can be considered “ghetto”, or a crappy set of school books are now considered “ghetto”. People need to realize that words like these should not be used because they have personal meaning to some that can be hurtful
  • Government Shutdown- One of the most used statements in the fall of 2013. The idea that because our government officials could not play nice over Obamacare and other “serious issues” that the government had to shut down beguiles me. I understand that people don’t always get a long, but do you seriously need to shut down the entire government? Some people need to stop being divas, grow up, and deal with it.
  • Miley Cyrus- Now let me state that I think She is a talented person and I love her. However I am very sick of hearing about her every five seconds. I mean every time I turn on my television or computer I hear something new about Miley Cyrus.  I honestly think that she just needs to go somewhere for a little while (maybe a month…or a year).
  • Groovy- This is a very personal word for me. This is because CERTAIN person I know that was with for a LONG amount of time that said this word EVERY SINGLE DAY. Although I respect this person very much, this word has been ruined because of them.

                 This list is really just of a list of words that I truly believe should never see the light of day again.  These words are said way too much, and are said in the wrong context. Some of these words just need to go away for a while.  I think the English language  would extremely benefit from these words going away.



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