New Year’s New You ?

New Year’s is a phrase that lives up to some high expectations. Many people see New Year’s as a chance to cleanse the soul of all things bad in one’s life and become a “new” or “2.0” version of them. They come up with these “resolutions” that they believe that they can do for the whole year. Some of these resolutions are practical, For example saying that you want to be more outgoing can be practical if you do it correctly. Saying that you want to be more outgoing by going to a club every night and getting wasted off your face, Not very practical. Although some try to keep this going for the whole year, very few actually succeed. Most people give up anytime between the first five minutes of the New Year and March. And if you know someone who says that have succeeded in going all year, they are most likely lying.

                For me personally I do not see they point in creating these resolutions. First of all, I know that many others along with me will not remember said resolution within a couple of hours. Do you want to know how I know that? I know that Because I honestly don’t even remember what I had for breakfast most mornings, so how am I supposed to remember something that I said I would do at midnight when I was barely awake. Even if I do remember, I am going to need a constant reminder every day, and I hate to sound redundant but I do not have time for any of that. Plus there is always the idea of temptation. If I said that I wanted to shop less because I am a shopaholic, I would quickly break that promise because I work in a retail store for clothing and I cannot walk past the men’s section in my store without finding something to buy. If I say that I’m going to curse less, that is going to be hard because my best friend curses like a sailor. So for me temptation is the reason I do not have a resolution.

                The second reason that I dislike these resolutions is because what happens after these people does complete these resolutions? They forget completely about them and think that they do not need to keep working on these resolutions. If a person’s completed their resolution and lost all this weight, then they gain all this weight back because they figured they lost this weight they do not need to go to the gym anymore.  Same thing if a person is successful in being more outgoing, then they go back into their shy quiet ways after the New Year.  People should make a resolution, and stick with it for than just the year. People should keep that resolution for every year no matter what.

A New Year’s resolution depends more on the person than it does the actual resolution. If you are one of those people who forget easily, is extremely lazy, and generally like yourself; then do not even attempt doing a New Year’s resolution. This is only because you will most likely fail, and wind up on your couch eating ice cream being sad. If you are not one of those people, then by all means go on and create your resolution. Become the “ new and improved” you and create  as many resolution s as you want. As for me , I will not be creating a New Year’s  resolution any time soon.    



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