Affluence, Affluenca

“Money can’t buy happiness.” .Well it may not be able to buy happiness, but wealth and status can get you pretty far in life. People of a wealthy and a nice name are more likely to get a better job than the regular American (if they don’t already have a family business inherited to them or are so rich they don’t need to work). These people are more likely buy the most expensive cars, houses, and clothing’s. These people can even get out of the law because of their wealthy status. In a society that is supposed to be based of equality and justice, are we trying to hide the fact that the affluent and wealthy are just above everyone else?

The wealthy elite are to get whatever they want, whenever they want. Due to this many of them have no sense of responsibility, and are known for getting in trouble. However unlike any normal American, they can get away with it. Last week 16 year old Ethan Couch got 10 years of probation for killing four pedestrians while driving under the influence. Lindsay Lohan would have gone to jail if she had done the same thing while under the influence. What was his defense? Affluenca, which means feeling entitled to something, being irresponsible, having poor judgment and not owning up to anything. The normal American term is an extremely spoiled brat. Although he was not acquitted of all charges, how much will probation and rehabilitation give to a kid who born into this lifestyle.  If you look at any other person of wealth : Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, and others can get away with so much because of  who they are and the lifestyle they  were brought up in.

However that’s not the only thing that the wealthy get ahead on in the world just because of their wealth. The wealthy elite are also more likely to get opportunities than any other normal person with twice as much talent will get. Many of these elitists get  reality shows, record deals, movies deals, and so much more just because of their name; and they don’t even have any talent. I mean Paris Hilton has a 1 billion dollar industry, and what talent does she have? What is she known for? Breaking the law, being on a successful reality show, and saying “that’s hot” a bunch of times. Her music career tanked because she cannot sing, and her acting career is non-existent because she cannot act. Even worse is that normal people feed into this “celebrity” and believe that these people have talent.  We watch these people shows, buy their products, and download their music because we think that they actually do something. But really all their doing is taking America’s money and spending it to fund their lifestyle of partying, and getting away with things normal people can never get away with.   

The life in which the young wealthy elitist’s live is one of privilege, power, and prominence. These people are allowed to do anything they want because of their last name. They can make bad decisions can get away with little to no consequences. They believe that they are considered to be “celebrities” for having no talent, and doing nothing what so ever to be recognized for. They have more say in our society, and can influence millions of people by just tweeting or saying something in an interview. But is all of this fair?  That is your decision to make


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