Preception Is Not Always Reality

               Celebrities and professional athletes are normal human beings in every sense of the word. They live in a house, they walk their dogs, and they shop just like any of us. They have relationships with people just as we expect them to. And as fans of that individual we crave to hear about all romance information. However we also expect these people to be in a “traditional” relationship: that is a boy and a girl. But in recent years celebrities have changed the rules in order to make themselves, not the fans, happy and coming out to their fans as being Homosexual. Now this is when fans become unreasonable and rather childish, belittling the individual for being different and breaking their perception.  Thus I pose the question, can’t a modern society such as ours break the perception of celebrity’s and Athletes, and accept the reality for what it is?

                This week Olympic winning swimmer Tom Daley said in a video to fans that he has been dating another man, and that he is very happy. As a person who believes that people should love who ever they want, I am happy that he just came out to his fans on a personal level. However The Huffington Post posted an article on peoples reactions to this news. Although many fans are thrilled for him, some people took to twitter to “hate tweet”. Most people are calling him a “fag” and other derogatory terms and phrases. Many people state that he has “lost a fan”. One of the worst tweets state that they are “ashamed of their country” and that they “can’t have a bloody fag” representing them.  These are the same people that want to know about what this person is doing every minute of every day. Now that this person is opening up about something very personal and they turn around and destroy every ounce of it. Why? Because this breaks their perception of a typical male athlete, who is suppose to be big, strong, and straight .Thus I pose the question: If these people were real fans, would they not be happy for him and embrace him? Could they not break this perception to face the reality of life?

                However Tom is not the only individual in the limelight that receiver backlash from coming out as being a homosexual. Child Actress Raven Symone officially came out on twitter that she was dating another woman. The twitter world blew up with hate tweets and hash tags. Another article on the Huffington Post also posted some of these mean spirited remarks. Almost all of them have a hash tag of the statement “childhood ruined”.  The article states that many thought her television show “That’s So Raven” was cancelled because of her sexual orientation. Mind you that her television show went off the air in 2007, way before any of these rumors began.  These people used this announcement to hurt a person for expressing themselves because it was not a part of their perception of Ms. Symone.

                So what is your perception of your favorite celebrity or Athlete? Do you have a certain fantasy life that they SHOULD live? What they SHOULD be doing? Who they SHOULD date?  Well what happens if that perception is broken by reality? Do you become extremely upset and angry with that celebrity because they do not live up to your expectations?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then I pose this question SHOULDN’T they be happy?  That is your choice to make.


One thought on “Preception Is Not Always Reality

  1. For the most part, loyal fans respect and admire a person because of goals accomplished and records regardless of one’s personal choices. So why is it when an athlete or celebrity expresses their sexuality, if different from the norm, their credibility is changed and their success compromised? People should be able to find compatibility in whoever they choose; whether it be with someone of the same gender or opposite. Who are WE to determine who one can or cannot love? I respect any person, celebrity or not for openly expressing such a personal issue. I believe the only way to change the narrow minds of humans is for those to continue to challenge “traditional” society.

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