Fascination or Stalking


 True Statement: People have a fascination with Celebrities on some level. Whether it is watching an entertainment television show, reading a gossip magazine, or just following them on Twitter, Americans idolize those of the rich and famous. However in recent years, some people have taken this fascination and have taken it too far. People have taken being a “big fan” of someone and turned into an obsession: going to the celebrities homes, buying random things on eBay that are said to be from the celebrity, and even following the celebrity ever where you go. Some people have even made following celebrities their jobs by becoming paparazzi, the people who take photos of celebrities every movement every day waiting to get the “perfect shot”. This becomes even worse when a celebrity is pregnant, has children, or is going through a personal struggle. Thus I pose the question, when does a person cross that line.

                One of the major struggles in a celebrity’s privacy is that they have a constant battle with the paparazzi. The paparazzi basically stalk a celebrity’s every movement of every day. Many Paparazzi line up outside the celebrity’s doors waiting to catch the first sight of any celebrity action. These people are completely ruthless running stop lights, causing major car accidents, and blinding the celebrity with their flashing lights. These leave the celebrity in terrible situations that can cause major problems. This becomes even more insane when children and pregnant people are involved.  Paparazzi fight to the death to get the picture of the celebrity’s months old infant. This means that this celebrity’s cannot even have a peaceful day walking with their three month old in a stroller without having thirty year men screaming for a picture. And due to the intensity of these people, celebrities are nervous that their child’s safety. The Guardian posted an article on Halle Berry testifying for a law to the have paparazzi stop taking pictures if the celebrity has children or is pregnant in the state of California in September. When she testified she stated, “These are little innocent children who didn’t ask to be celebrities.” Although this law does not stop paparazzi from taking pictures of celebrity’s in their darkest moment, it does stop them from alienating minors and putting them in danger.

                Celebrities also have trouble in keeping other personal information private. Many celebrities’ now have to deal with stalkers finding their house and attempt to break into their home. Not only are these people breaking into their homes, but the steal valuable items and sells them on eBay. Some people have even gone as far as to sell very private items of the Celebrity such as doctor files to auction company. This is not only happening to present Celebrity’s, but deceased celebrities as well. Early in October a Washington Post blog “The Reliable Source” posted that Marilyn Monroe’s doctors files and x-rays will be sold at an auction. The article states that this is not the break doctor’s patient confidentiality agreement because the DOCTOR’s did not give them the files, the doctors FRIEND did.  The auction companies CEO states she could not do anything because “There’s nothing legally that says this can’t be done,”. Even though this legally does not cross line, does this not cross the line morally? What ever happened to treat others the way you want to be treated? How would it feel if someone sold your private doctors files for tens of thousands of dollars?  That is a major break of privacy for anyone, so why should the (dead or alive) be any different?  There should be no difference in privacy because they are the same as everyone else.

                Yes it is okay to be dazzled by celebrities and bask in all their glory. However there are  people take that line of fascination and cross it. People who cross that line put not only the celebrity in danger, but the celebrity’s family and even themselves in harm’s way. They also cross a moral line by trying to get as big of a part of the celebrity as they can, and gain as much wealth as they can by selling the celebrity’s personal items.          


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